Duke Family Support Program

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A state-wide resource for family members of patients with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders. The Duke Family Support Program serves families and professionals concerned about or caring for persons with memory disorders in North Carolina, and Duke employees seeking help with elder care decisions. A point of contact for all North Carolina families to help navigate next steps in care and gain more information about resources and support in the community. Includes a very comprehensive links and resource page from the main website.

  • Free confidential personalized tips on caring for people with memory disorders.
  • Free telephone help with care decisions or coping strategies.
  • Free current Alzheimer’s information packet.
  • Free subscription to The Caregiver newsletter (two issues a year).
  • Current research updates on memory disorders and options for participation in Alzheimer’s or family caregiver studies.
  • Help in selecting and locating support groups, education programs, websites, books or training materials for family, volunteer, paraprofessional or professional care providers.
  • The Links / Resources page has an annotated list of publications, training materials and ordering information.
  • Free telephone help or mailed information on selecting and evaluating assisted living or nursing facility care.
  • Free consultations to NC agencies providing services for persons with memory disorders or their family caregivers.

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