NC Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN)

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The NC Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) includes community pharmacies that have volunteered to collaborate with Community Care of North Carolina to provide enhanced pharmacy services to Medicaid and dually eligible Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries. All participating pharmacies will provide the following required services, in addition to the optional services indicated for each pharmacy.

  • Support adherence to medications using specific interventions and programs
  • Conduct medication reconciliation after discharge from the hospital
  • Prevent medication wastage by verifying patient need prior to each fill

Likewise, clear and clinically-relevant communication with the provider and care team is a core service of all CPESN pharmacies. Services such as synchronization of a patient’s chronic medication fill dates, adherence monitoring and coaching, compliance packaging, and home delivery are offered by many CPESN pharmacies.

This Pharmacy Locator is a tool used to communicate to CCNC care managers and medical providers regarding which pharmacies are participating in the CPESN and what types of enhanced services are offered at each location.

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